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Rednote ERP software in Chennai has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module to track their leads, sales process and campaign management. ERP software without CRM module is like a vehicle without engine. CRM makes any business to grow rapidly by its features. Survey says 80% leads are not converted as sales. Reason is no proper follow-up, improper communication between prospects and sales people. Rednote ERP software in Chennai,India regularizes the sales pipeline with its rules and reports. Also CRM module segments the customer based on various factors such as inquired product, state, country and business industry. It helps to send campaigns according to their interest and line of business. ERP software manages various campaigns such as SMS, Email and social marketing. Satisfied customers will help any business people to grow by giving referrals or leads or conversion sometimes. But it is complex to satisfy a lead to become a customer. ERP software makes easier to convert more number of leads as customers. Most ERP software companies in Chennai doesn’t have CRM module since it is not necessity of ERP for software companies. We provide ERP software services in Chennai as SAAS basis. It depends upon how many users a company requires. A SAAS basis ERP software solution helps ERP for software Development Company to reduce the cost of expenses.

  • Lead Management
  • Follow-up with reminders
  • Task Management
  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Efficient Reports


Accounting is a complex and crucial part for any kind business in India. But in this robotic world, it becomes easy with accounting software. Rednote ERP software in Chennai has inbuilt accounting feature which can be used by accountants. It allows accountants to feed all financial information, cash flows Accounts receivables and account payables. Since online ERP software has accounts module, we can avoid using classic desktop accounting software’s to manage ledgers and book keeping. ERP software automates the sales and distribution process with GST compliance. Filing GST returns is also makes easier in Rednote ERP software. It has GST filing option to file all your GST returns without help of any accountants. In addition, ERP software eliminates human errors in accounts calculation with ultra speed of computation. ERP software price is also less compare to other ERP software providers in India. ERP software accounting modules has all accounts features to manage any type companies. Thus, Rednote ERP software for accounting companies such as auditors, accounting companies used by major auditor firms. Because ERP software packages starts from as low as in the current market price. Basically ERP software cost was decided by authorised persons in ERP software companies in Chennai,India.

  • Cash flow statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Client Statement
  • Accounts receivables
  • Accounts Payables
Manufacturing ERP Software
Manufacturing ERP Software

Inventory Management

Inventory management plays vital role in trading business and manufacturing companies. Manufacturing ERP software comprises inventory management for manufacturing companies. ERP software ensures the control of stock and monitors the when stocks in and stock out. Manufacturing Company, Manufacturing ERP software manages from the raw material to finished product. Bill of Material is a screen where user has to configure the required raw material to produce a finished product. Consequently, ERP software gives the report with required raw material for the received purchase orders and deficiency of raw material in warehouse and store in any location. The biggest expense in a manufacturing company is purchasing raw materials and managing it. ERP software for manufacturing companies has the full control on raw material purchase, wastage and material usage. Manufacturing Company will lead to lose control over the raw materials and finished products. Irrespective of size of a company, Rednote ERP software will be suitable ERP software for small business and medium sized companies.

  • Inventory automation
  • Purchase Return
  • Sales Return
  • Stock Adjustment
  • View stock based on warehouse
  • Multiple UOM

Manufacturing Process

Rednote Chennai ERP software is purely designed for manufacturing companies to manage their raw material, wastages and calculating raw material deficiency. A proper business should start with purchase order. At the time of receiving purchase order from any company, manufacturing companies should act immediately to deliver the finished product on time. To accomplish the on time delivery, ERP software for manufacturing companies has the feature to plan the production in the name of production planning. Production planning comprises raw material available in warehouse and required raw material for particular purchase order. If we have raw material in ware house ERP software automatically creates purchase order to buy required raw materials. In addition, ERP software has Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for quality check and raw material in. Hence it is called as MRP software or Manufacturing ERP software or Business management software.

  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Production Planning
  • Raw material in and out
  • Raw material Deficiency
  • Batch No Integration
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
ERP Software in Chennai
Cloud ERP Software

Sales Automation

Sales department is a prominent area where management people should have the clear focus in order to improve the company’s strength. In that respect, Rednote ERP software in Chennai designed in such a way to improve the sales growth. ERP software reduces the time to generate any sales order or invoices to track the payment. In addition, it avoids human error in any documents such as invoices, Performa and delivery challan. Invoice can be generated through ERP software with modern invoice templates. Whenever sales invoice has been generated, particular stock will get deducted from respective warehouse. It has the clear vision at the time of receiving the purchase order and calculates required material to manufacture. Eventually, it allows user to generate sales invoice from purchase order at one touch. Automated sales process will affect the invoice, inventory and accounting reports at one roof. Rednote has separate ERP software for health care companies to accomplish their day to day activities and automate their sales processes. When we take ERP software list in India, very few ERP software company has cloud version. Cloud ERP software makes development easier for ERP software development company as it is deployed at single cloud. Rednote team customise ERP software for schools, ERP software for colleges and ERP software for construction companies to automate their activities.

  • Sales Invoice
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Quotation
  • Delivery Challan (DC)
  • Track Payment
  • Automated stock calculation
  • Track Advance payments
  • EWay Bill generation

Quality Management

Maintaining quality in any product will leads to drive large number of customer for manufacturing companies. In that respect, Rednote ERP software for manufacturing company has module to control over quality management. It defines standard operating procedure (SOP) for raw material and manufactured products. SOP can be defined for inspection and manufactured products. SOP can be customizable based on customer requirement. ERP software suggests periodical inspection with check list for machines and finished products based on batch number. Once the inspection is over, Rednote stores the inspection report permanently and capable to modify the required amendments in batches. Depends on the inspection, product can be recycled, reviewed and disposed in effective manner. Batch management helps manufacturing companies to track prices, stock and quality check report to ensure the product is ready for sales. ERP software for engineering companies should have quality audit to ensure products are release without defect. ERP software company must ensure that quality audit feature has been included by default.

  • Quality Control
  • Periodical Inspection
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Audit Process
  • Track Machine Efficiency
ERP Software in Chennai
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Human Resource Management - HRMS

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a bonus and optional module in Enterprise Resource Planning software in Chennai,India. Power of HRMS in ERP software comprises all employee information under one application. This module helps management people to understand the employee performance and track benefits given to employees. It migrates from the classic HR operations to modern computerised methods. This will avoid lots paper waste, human errors and saves the time to generate pay slips. ERP software is also helps to track the employee attendance, leave management and payroll processing. If required we can implement timesheet to track employee spending time over tasks with approval flow. In nutshell, comprehensive ERP software assists management as well as recruitment peoples to analyse the employee performance, recruitment process and payroll. Rednote is free ERP Software and open source ERP software with limited features and limited users. It makes Rednote is Best ERP software in Chennai,India.

  • Leave management
  • Employee Attendance
  • Timesheet
  • Track Employee movements across branches
  • Internal Transfers


  Is Rednote top 10 ERP software’s in India?
Yes, Rednote is one of the top 10 ERP software’s in Chennai, India.
  Is Rednote customizable?
Of course! Our team will customize the manufacturing ERP software based on client’s requirement.
  Can I host Rednote ERP application in My Server?
Yes. If you have dedicated hosting server, we can host the application in client’s server.
  What if I don’t have server?
Don’t worry. You can host the application in our dedicated server.
  What are the prerequisites needed for ERP software?
Rednote requires windows server with minimal configuration. However, it can be installed in windows computer with LAN connection.
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