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Lead management system is essential and beginning level of sales funnel in CRM software in Chennai. Lead Management is an important area where every company should give more focus in order to grow the business. Rednote CRM software in Chennai manages all leads in a single screen from all other resources. Sales leads are physical mobile number of a person; technically it is called as prospects which can be customer who purchases company’s product. Thus, handling leads carefully will leads to grow any kind of business. Lead management will be different for different kind of business, thus Rednote CRM software in Chennai designed a sophisticated screens to manage leads and their inquired products with efficient reports. When a business starts growing the count leads receiving is higher. This is the right time to use Best CRM software to handle large number of leads from different sources. CRM software for retail industry plays vital role because CRM software services are most eminent way to track sales.

Followup Management

Follow-up is an art of sales process which will bring lots of business opportunities to grow any business. A follow-up will be effective when it was made at the right time when the customer wants sales team to call. If a follow-up is missed to occur, there is a chance to fall down the conversion ratio. As per the survey, most businesses are converted after doing five follow-ups. Hot leads will be converted in the initial contact but warm leads will be converted after five to ten follow ups. Rednote CRM software Chennai is designed in such a way to remind the sales people to do follow and automated SMS and email will be sent to the customer and sales team as well. Unfortunately, many start up companies doing mistakes when follow up is needed. Rednote CRM software in Chennai automates the sales funnel which will not allow any sales team to ignore the small things. This will help all business to convert more number of leads into customer. CRM software cost is a important factor to choose best CRM software in Chennai. In that respect, Rednote provides low cost CRM software in Chennai,India.

CRM Software
CRM Software in Chennai

Client Management

Each and every business needs new customer to grow. However, existing customer are person who know about you very well. Thus conversion ratio is high when we compare to new customers. Rednote CRM software in Chennai will help business owners to nurture the engagement between client and business. The ultimate goal of CRM software should be client engagement. Client engagement means, your purchased client should not forget you after the sales made. For that sales people should send email or phone call or SMS to update the offers and wishes for any events or holidays. By practicing these steps, recurring purchase from existing customers will be increased. Perfect CRM software will automate these steps on regular basis. Rednote CRM software in Chennai allows business owners to store unlimited number of clients to track their purchase history. Rednote CRM software in Chennai has options to store the client’s mobile, email, address and GST number. CRM software in Chennai for real estate companies is essential since it involved high valued sales.


Marketing is technique which will increase the sales of any business. To reduce the cost of marketing system Rednote CRM software has been integrated with various campaign management systems. Some of the campaigns are Bulk SMS, Email and click to call facility. This will reduce not only cost of marketing but also the time to do the marketing. Rednote CRM is all in one panel which has all client data with essential information such as personal data and purchase history. Thus, sending SMS or emails are easy to trigger at one touch. This will reduce the lots of time to manage the campaigns. Rednote online CRM has feature to track ROI for each and every SMS and email campaigns. These campaigns will be helpful for build strong lead and relationships with your existing customers. Rednote CRM software in Chennai has feature to send automated SMS and email campaigns.Most of the software companies are using more than 5 tools to do various marketing. CRM for software companies will do all campaigns in single software.

CRM Software
CRM Software in Chennai

SMS & Email Integration

Efficient CRM software can be measured with tools which can be integrated with CRM software. Whereas, CRM software should have the option to plug with any other software. Rednote CRM software can be integrated with third party SMS software and email applications to manage the campaigns. In addition to that CRM software enables API feature to plug with other software products. Top 10 CRM software’s have SMS and Email Integration to engage with clients. For an example, to capture leads from company’s official website, Rednote CRM software API will be integrated with website in order to show the website leads in Rednote CRM software. Same SMS and email integration will be used in various places such as reminder SMS and emails, automated responses and campaign management. Consequently, all business operations such as marketing, customer engagement and billing come under one roof. Thus, Rednote is one of the Best CRM software in Chennai, India.

Task Management

Task management is additional module in Rednote CRM software not mandatory in sales funnel. Task management is purely designed to manage the employee’s task with automated reminders. Most of the CRM software companies doesn’t has Task management feature along with CRM software. One who uses task management effectively will improve three areas; Employee’s performance, reducing the time and revenue of the company. CRM software providers will focus on tracking sales but Rednote CRM software focuses task management along with sales. Rednote CRM software will give you clear report when a task has been started, when it was completed and who has completed the task. Eventually, it helps organisation to understand the employee performance and tasks will be finished in rapid manner. If a team member is too busy or absent, that particular task can be allocated with other team member to finish the task on time. Consequently, it helps company to capture more sales and proves the customers about company’s accountability and increases the profitability of company.

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