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Rednote - online Invoicing Software based on Chennai and providing services to all over the India. Generating bill or invoice is very important process in any kind of business. Some business peoples are generating manual invoices for their clients. Rednote makes easier for those manual billing business into online based invoicing process. As Rednote is an online based invoicing Software it can be accessible anywhere in the Globe. As well as it was stored in central place of our server, it will be accessible in anywhere. Obviously all sized companies should have software for invoice generation and invoice bill software. Best invoice software should posses GST compliances and pretty invoice templates.

Rednote is helps to store unlimited number of clients into the software. So business people can access their clients in one touch. Using this stored details business people can send unlimited promotional SMS and email to them. We have the feature to send invoices online from our application itself. Rednote invoicing software India can be classified into invoicing software with GST and invoice with without GST. This leads us to Rednote became best invoicing software in India. As invoicing software on cloud, cost of invoicing software is also less compared to other invoicing software providers. Hence, Rednote is best invoicing software small business to enterprise level companies.

Doing business is easy and collecting payments is very hardest part in any business. Rednote will be very useful to track payments for generated invoices. User has to enter paid details whenever client has paid the amount. Here we can track mode of payment, reference number, paid amount and balance amount. This feature allows business people to track their unpaid invoices and force their client to make them paid. Rednote - online invoicing Software will be helpful to send automated invoices to their clients. Recurring invoice feature makes easier to generate automated invoice and send to them. Simple invoicing software comprises simple user friendly screens and attractive invoice templates. Rednote invoicing inventory software calculates the stock whenever generate invoices and purchase invoices. Along with that it has invoice quotation software to generate quotation on the go. Rednote allows software companies to generate invoice for software development services.

In Rednote Online invoice generator, user can enter the invoice number if they need. Otherwise it will be auto generated and can be reset when financial year ends. It has the feature to generate and print their invoices in letter head. For this user has to configure top, right, bottom and left of the letter head. Rednote invoice generator works both online and offline for generating invoices. Eventually, Rednote will be best billing software for small and medium business peoples.

  • Attractive Invoice Templates
  • Custom made invoice template
  • Image Signature
  • Automated Invoice number generation
  • Download as PDF
  • Send to client from Rednote
  • Letter head print
  • Display company Logo
  • Manage multiple companies
  • Watermark logo
  • Show Shipping address
  • Product wise discount

Rednote is designed with Indian GST compliance. Calculating IGST and CGST & SGST is also a difficult process in online invoicing. Rednote has automated this feature by selecting state name for client. If client state and company state is same, combination of SGST & CGST will be calculated. On the other hand, if client state and company state is different, IGST will be calculated.

Our online invoice maker software allows user to store unlimited product/service with HSN/SAC code. HSN means Harmonized System of Nomenclature and SAC means Services Accounting Code both will be used to identify products and services in GST respectively. Rednote has feature to search any HSN/SAC of product and services and store it for first time. Whenever user generates an invoice it will be populated from our application automatically.

In addition to that Rednote has feature to upload purchase bills with/without GST. For this user has to add vendor details into online invoicing portal. These vendors can be used in various screens such as purchase order and purchase bills. Once vendor creation is done, user can create purchase bills and these purchase bills can be useful to generate GSTR 3 and GSTR 3B returns filing. Moreover, it has capable to track purchase payments by adding payments to the vendors. Like invoice payment, these purchase payments can be tracked by payment mode, payment reference number, paid amount and unpaid amount. Best small business invoicing software comprises, generating detailed invoice and GSTR filing software. Rednote invoicing software GST has all above features can be afforded by small business owners.

One of the most important features of online invoice maker - Rednote is GST returns filing. Indian government has announced that every business man should file their returns in 9 forms. Starts from GSTR 1, GSTR 2 and GSTR 3 up to GSTR 9. GSTR 1 should have outward reports means that sales invoice. GSTR 2 should have inward report meaning that purchase report. GSTR 3 can be filed for summary of inward and outward reports. Ideally, Rednote invoicing Software helps to generate all above forms and gives business people to identify the tax amount needs to be paid to government.

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