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Salary Components

Now Company can configure Salary Components to Rednote


Track Salary Advance

Issue and repayment of Salary Advance is eased.


Biometric Integration

Integrate your existing Biometric device with Payroll Software


Asset Tracking

Track Employees and Employee Assets in Rednote.


Statutory Compliance

PF, ESI, EPS, IT and PT are automated depending on States.


Salary Revision

Approval based Salary increment for employees.

Rednote Payroll software in India

Rednote is your one stop solution for comprehensive end to end HR processes. As leading payroll software in India, we don’t just make up automating the processes but we emphasize on instinctively optimizing for efficient results. Just like you we too understand that payroll handling is complex and quite important for seamless functioning of any organization. Hence Rednote is aimed to serve the esteemed clients with the best solutions as possible to make the tasks simpler.

While you have so many tasks to be carried out for your business growth, why should you put your time in manual processing of payroll? It’s definitely not a wise idea, right? If you have ever dreaded an error in calculation and found yourself again to go into a set of daunting processes, we don’t want you to be highly scared. We always need you to be enterprise ready with a complete suite of services, right from hiring to retiring (resignation).

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Best payroll software in India

Looking for user friendly, flexible, and scalable payroll software? Rednote’s payroll software helps you in reaching the destination that lets you create unlimited Salary heads, PF & ESI Reports, tax deductions, Statutory Reports, employee tax payment to government and many more in the list of advantages.

Do you need a dependable platform which could allow your organization to succeed and be able to hire employees and above all, retain the talented employees? Invest in the right HR payroll software to achieve the goals of the organization to quite an extent. Worried about finding an expert? Relax! Rednote is there to contribute your business the best that well suits your necessities and fulfill the needs.

What to expect from Rednote’s payroll software?

A suite of intelligent software for efficient management of the workforce! Salient features to manage data easily and securely

Salary Components

Your organization chart may be filled with different sets of roles, from top management people to employees. And so will be the difference in the payment processing. Our payroll system gets you covered with the following salary components and lets you customize the elements.

  • Wages or Basic salary
  • All Allowances (includes HRA, TA and DA)
  • Reimbursements
  • Accruals of bonuses if any
  • Flexible benefit plans
  • Claims
Biometric device integration

Of course, time attendance never fails to have its unique place when it comes to payroll processing. Hence we facilitate our clients with the Biometric device integration along with the payroll billing software in India.

Benefits you gain from biometric attendance system
  • Fingerprint registrations of staff aids in managing the attendance of existing employees
  • Solid data on working hours of employees
  • Generating reports pertaining to late in overtime work hours
  • Efficient Timesheet Management
  • Able to have a track of employees tapping in and out
  • Eradicate the problems of punching
  • Instant and real time insight for effective attendance data
payroll generation
Regularization of Attendance

If you are still embracing old school spreadsheets methodology for employee attendance, you are left behind the technology. Don’t you find it is the right time to have accurate attendance with our HR payroll software? Would you like to know how our payroll software in India helps you? Find below:

  • Accurate time tracking of organization’s workforce
  • Overtime calculation with shift duration
  • By syncing with biometric device you will be capable of availing direct data transfer to the attendance module
  • In-built reports for specific months, summary of early going, late coming, and in-out punches
Automated Overtime Calculation

It’s very common for the HR department of any organization to calculate and pay for the employees. However, payroll manually with the details of number of working days, absent days and overtime hours is a daunting and time consuming task. Still if you are stuck with spreadsheets, our payroll software in India has the best solution that eliminates the need of calculations. Automated overtime calculation – here overtime will be directly linked to payroll processing and OT hours are automatically calculated during the salary process.

  • Easy and effective salary wages calculation
  • No more manual calculations, saves your valuable time
  • Software automatically export all the necessary parameters and computes final payments
  • Ability to set up customized rules for shifts and overtime rules.
Automated Income Tax Declaration

If you don’t want to leave anything that brings you headaches during tax calculation and IT declaration, then having the right HR payroll software which makes the process simpler is mandatory. All these taxes related calculations can be done automated with this payroll system.

  • Auto calculations of deductions such as Provident Fund, ESI, HRA,LTA, Professional Tax, Income Tax, etc
  • Effortless tax declarations
  • Can generate summary of professional tax report
  • Capability to manage the complexities of tax declarations in a simplified manner.
  • Handles income from previous employer, along with the required details based on the transfer dates.
Salary Advance

Does your organization offer a facility of availing advance salary to manage employee’s emergency fund needs? Here we have covered you with an appreciable payroll software in India! This system allows you to define the criteria of eligibility for withdrawing advance salary eligibility and you can also consider the policies based on the existing salary.

  • Configuring advance salaries based on existing salaries
  • Easily manageable process flow for both employees and employers
  • Quite simple process of filling the application and further processes to approve/ reject by the concerned authorities of the organization
  • Deduct previously paid amount in the upcoming month(s) salary
salary advance flow
  • Configuring advance salaries based on existing salaries
  • Easily manageable process flow for both employees and employers
  • Quite simple process of filling the application and further processes to approve/ reject by the concerned authorities of the organization
  • Deduct previously paid amount in the upcoming month(s) salary
Salary Revision

Finding reliable software that lets you manage crucial tasks like salary revision in the payroll process can be challenging. If you are worried about keeping your employees satisfied with streamlined processes, we are here to ease you, especially during the needs when your company scales.

  • Efficient Employee Salary Revision Process
  • View the history of all revision processes
  • Define Basic Salaries, Allowances such as TA, Housing Allowances and other allowances
  • Salary increment process and hike-raised history
Employee Resignation

Looking for the best payroll software in India that could speed up the formalities of employee resignation and clearance formalities? We help you in all the ways of making the processes simpler and securing the employee data every time you need, in the right way. Here is your comprehensive and advanced HR payroll software that comes with excellent employee exit management solutions ensures a flawless off-boarding experience to the exiting employees.

  • Submit resignation letter online by the employees
  • Feature for resignation withdrawal
  • Automated and seamless processing of exit checklist processes
  • Exiting interviews if you have any Record checklist responses to make sure and before you move on to full-and-final settlements.
  • Manage legal and industry compliance requirements.
Employee Assets

Have you been concerned about managing the records of assets that are issued to employees? When you are anxious about tracking the properties of an organization, we care about delivering the best solutions that could make you easily track and manage the issued employee assets.

  • Maintain the records of all company assets issued to employees
  • Have tracking who is holding of, at the present time
  • Maintain separate records for every asset
  • Generate employee assets report for specific employee
  • Track when the asset is issued and the next time to replace, in cases of items like safety shoes.

Rednote is a reputable payroll software in India provider that intends to provide adaptable, flexible, and secured T answers for its clients’ payroll and HR process requirements. Having the leading names in the industry we deliver a range of payroll software and services which are highly treasured for seamless installations and operations. Automate and enhance your HR processes with a simplified payroll management system. Contact us today!

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