Retail Billing Software

Retail Billing Software for SuperMarket And Grocery

Rednote, a chennai based provider gives you complete and easy solutions for your supermarket and groceries even if you don't have technical knowledge.

  • Barcode scanner
  • Multiple outlet connectivity
  • Multiple Language Billing
  • It provides Touch Screen and fast counter Billing
  • It helps to Track stocks in shop as well in warehouse
  • It also assist with online and CRM integration thereby gets more online orders
  • It provides both online and offline billing
  • User Rights will always be secured
  • It has cloud and auto back up system
  • Grants SMS alerts on Bills
  • GST compatible with tax breakup
  • It manage customer loyalty by generating discounts and coupons
  • It manage Daily Price Control for grocery,fruits, vegetables and other such items as per your wish
  • It has option for batch and expiry management

Bakery shop Billing Software

Bakery business is fully dependent on everyday sales. Every item such as puffs, pizza, cake or samosa have to be freshly made and freshly baked but if it is not sold neither can it be stored for the next day too. Daily wastage is higher in this business while compared to others and it directly hits expense accounts thus it reduces profitability. Nowadays the bakery industry has undergone drastic change with respect to the range of bakery products like wide variety of ingredients, choice of fillings, toppings, sauce and bread are available with the rise of modern retailers in cities, malls, supermarkets etc. You may find it difficult to compete with larger bakeries unless you find a way to automate your bakery by updating software in your system.

  • Barcode scanner
  • Weighing scale integrations
  • Real time inventory controls daily wastage
  • Maintain taste consistent in all outlet using centralised Recipe management
  • SMS alerts
  • Strong GST Compliance
  • Tax Breakup
  • Multiple franchise connectivity
  • Customization in preferred Language
  • Instant price update and outlet specific combos price management
  • Manage user access rights
  • Fast and easy checkout
  • Multiple payments available
  • Generate coupons and discounts for the customers, based on their transaction and mode of payment history
  • It also integrates with online orders from Swiggy, Zomato etc
  • It provides offline billing and retrieve when you are in online
Retail POS Billing Software
Retail POS Billing Software

Footwear Shop Billing Software

Rednote - a software consultant in chennai, is an excellent solution for cost effective Footwear Shop business. The footwear/shoe business has a multiplex inventory which consists of products in different sizes, colors, and brands. Hence it is necessary for the footwear/ shoe software to handle the business to a more profitable extent with ease. It delivers your customers a pleasant shopping experience and also it suits even from startups to large factories.

  • Sales analysis on Google map tool will help filter data like date, route, company as well salesman wise so that we can grow new business easily
  • Grants Data security, user rights and also auto data backup
  • GST filing, ensures SMS alerts and fast Billing
  • Accepts payments like cash as well online payment like credit and debit cards, phonepe, Gpay, Paytm etc
  • Smart Inventory - Optimize and categorize the stock based on their size, colour, material & design thereby reduces wastage and manages stocks E Bill and E invoice
  • Supports Barcode scanner and Labeling
  • Loyalty programs like reductions, gift vouchers help to get more recurring customers, yield more business.
  • Proficiency in Accounting and expiry management
  • Liquidate stock faster by determining moving/non moving stocks in brand/supplier wise

Beauty Salon and Spa Billing Software

Running a successful beauty salon, hair salon, massage and Spa centre, makeup artist, barber shop and health clinics is a real challenge for owners compared to other businesses. Every customer is highly aware and has knowledge of today's beauty trends due to their online exposure and they know exactly what they want from your salon. Since they have exposure if you're not updated with the latest services, products, booking processes with online integrations and customer preferences of payment you might lose your consumers at a greater extent. Beauty salon software helps to make your day to day salon management trouble free and boost up your productivity.

  • Maintains Single workflow for all your franchise
  • Initiates sales reports and stock management
  • Encourage customers to avail offers, memberships and reward points
  • Rednote salon software deduct clients who aren't regular, empowers you sell memberships and gain revenue with wallet system
  • Not only tracks inventory but also help in bills, accounts, GST, scheduling customers appointments.
  • Automated features and auto backup will simplify your day to day salon & spa functions
  • Prevent misuse and theft by employee
Retail Billing Software in Chennai
Cloud Retail Billing Software

Juice Shop Billing Software

Everybody loves to have freshly prepared glass of fruit juice of their own options. We can see juice bars in the office cafeteria, even on the roadside or in a restaurant. This business gets customers based on their juice quality and reputation. On the other side of the hand, a juice shop owner always deals with low storage life products like fruits, milk and creams. Since the raw products have low shelf life, if sales are less it causes considerable loss to the owners. We, the Rednote thought about it and came up with complete software solutions to Juice bar industry.

  • Juice Billing software keeps data on sales trends and customer demand and helps the owners to plan their inventory accordingly. Thus it reduces the chances of perishable raw material wastage.
  • It helps to maintain consistent touch with customers by creating loyalty programs, sms alerts as well email on beverages
  • It provide multiple location service by using single software
  • Maintains accounts without possible human error even if you are not having finance knowledge
  • It works in both online and offline
  • It records expense and income with multiple mode of payments

Textile/Garments Industry Billing Software

This software provides you ideal solutions for wholesale textile shops, readymade, garments, silk saree shops and boutique. It suits all Small to large textile showrooms, retail outlets, and wholesale suppliers.

  • Strong GST complainant and do tax calculations
  • Easy implementation and customization
  • Manage multiple companies and shops
  • Manage Sales girl/staff commission with brokerage module
  • Barcode scanner, printer and labeling
  • It provides multiple billing counter and multiple user logins
  • Real time inventory controls purchase and sales stock in warehouse as well in retail showrooms
  • Generate categorized sales reports, maintain accounts, Vat & Taxes, Profit & loss
  • It centralize price list for all outlets
  • Prevent employee fraudulent and theft by encountering shift management system
  • Online and CRM integrations
  • Customer loyalty program and alerting them with bulk SMS alerts
  • Secured cloud data by user access restrictions and it have auto backup system
Retail Billing Software in Chennai
Online POS Billing Software

Home Appliance Billing Software

Home appliances, also known as domestic appliances, which are electrical machines, help in household activity such as cooking, cleaning, Televisions, Computers, things that attach to computers and Electrical products. These stores can range in size from a small (specializing few products) to larger showrooms. Software helps you to make the bills faster and attend more customers in peak time. It used to identify the number, warranty and IMEI details for electronics and mobile phones. It provides you total control of your business, from the front checkout counter to the back office.

  • Customize Barcode scanner and labeling
  • It helps to convert every walk-in to sales by generating SMS alerts depends consumer’s quotations
  • Accurate inventory tracking
  • CGST, SGST, IGST compliance
  • Centralized Price List Management
  • Purchase & Supplier Management
  • Serial Number Wise Billing
  • Online integrations and CRM
  • User rights, auto backup, cloud recovery
  • Monitor employee fraud and theft

Pharmacy/Medical Shop Billing Software

Using conventional methods like old paper bills are not just time-consuming but it can be more error-prone. Rednote - Chennai software supplier ensures Pharmacy / medical store billing software that easily generates bills, helps with expiry date management, batch management, and much more.

  • Boost up your sales by keeping a data on batch number and expiry dates of drugs. It makes sure with no expiry products
  • It provide GPS tracker for sales medical representatives
  • Multi store management
  • Barcode scanner and printer
  • Smart inventory, auto backup system reduces loss of drugs
  • Optimize income and expense by providing sales spreadsheets
  • Multiple outlet connectivity
  • It has special column in inventory like Pack/unit, batch number and expiry date
  • Creates GST and do tax break calculations
  • Loyalties program help to get more recurring customers, yield more business
  • Automatically block shorter expiry drugs while inward sales
  • Online, CRM and bulk SMS integrations
Retail POS Billing Software in Chennai


  Is Rednote top 10 Retail Billing Software's in India?
Yes, Rednote is one of the top 10 Retail Billing Software in Chennai, India.
  What are the prerequisites needed for Retail Billing Software?
Rednote requires windows server with minimal configuration. However, it can be installed in windows computer with LAN connection.
Retail Billing Software in Chennai

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