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Restaurant Billing Software in Chennai

Restaurant billing system is a data warehouse in which all functions have been recorded such as order management in multiple outlets, number of sales (we can see weekly, monthly or yearly basis) and stock reports etc. Since it has cloud access restaurant owners can review transactions and data at any time, from any device. It also helps your technical issues or power outages by saving the transaction data. We can also stay connected with your restaurant regularly no matter where you are. Rednote who is a best software provider in Chennai, gives offline GST Billing Software. It is user friendly and they provide world class support to all their clients.

Auto Backup

Once software installed we can upload data online and store it in Google Drive/OneDrive as well restore the backup as per the requirement .Since it is a cloud system, you can access the data from anywhere and also change the setup and prices instantly. It is possible for you to update all your orders in real time. It helps your staff, kitchen, managers and customers to be on the same page about the orders in your supply chain.

Restaurant Billing Software
Restaurant Billing Software

KOTs (Kitchen Order Tickets)

It is simple and flexible to use according to your needs. The ticket contains details such as table number, item ordered, quantity and order status with color differentiation. It can print several slips from a single sales invoice and one copy is retained in the system for future reference. It also integrates with online ordering platforms such as Zomato, Swiggy, uber eats, food panda etc which is the biggest challenge that restaurateurs face nowadays. Being an automated ordering system we can highly minimize the chance of missing or delaying online orders. Automated KOT application accepts orders directly thereby it generates KOT immediately and is printed in the kitchen.

Real Time Inventory

Rednote software for inventory management system is simple to use and helps in tracking inventory theft, misuse, shortage,pilferage and losses. It helps you to know your stock in hand at any time. We can set up a recipe with a defined number of ingredients for your menu items. Whenever order is placed your system updates the stock levels automatically, this helps you keep an eye on the available stocks and gives a conclusion on what needs to be ordered.

Restaurant Billing Software in Chennai
Cloud Restaurant Billing Software

Multiple Payment Mode

It allows the customers to make their own choice in mode of payment like Cash, Debit cards, Credit cards,multiple digital wallets, vouchers, loyalty points or a combination of these. It also helps to analyze customers’ preferred mode of payments and generate offers appropriately. It provides a smooth process in all table billing, takeout billing, and delivery billing. It helps to split bills on demand among customers and also process categorized bills as per main and sub categories.

Data Security

It is highly secured and gives user access rights management. You can create as many users and give relevant permission as per their roles hence it will prevent your data from unauthorized access.

Restaurant Billing Software in Chennai
Online Restaurant Billing Software

GST Compatible

Rednote, Chennai based provider ensures strong GST compliance with invoices, generates financial reports, does tax calculations and helps to file hassle free GST returns.

The integrations (which is an essential factor in modern POS system) such as CRM and Loyalty helps to retain your most valuable customers thereby processing the orders quickly in your POS. By using this software you can view the entire customer data by entering the customer name or mobile number into the POS.

Shift management is much tougher than it seems. It helps to handle all your shifts with the accurate opening and closing balance. Get fully familiar with the ins and outs of all shifts through detailed shift reports.Prevent fraudulent billing by tracking cash balances when cashiers open and close a shift. The shift summary highlights any cash shortage or excess.Cashier management and home delivery feature gives you 100% control on your business.

Benefits of Billing Software in Restaurant

  • Since Data is very important to your business, through this software we can safely back up your data readily.
  • Installation and getting trained to that POS easily and mainly it possesses super security.
  • There will be one workflow for all your outlets and we can manage your restaurant from anywhere.
  • We can use this billing software offline too, once the database is connected to the internet it will be revived.
  • It helps to optimize your purchase as well as expense.
  • It increase your loyal customers and kitchen efficiency.
  • It helps to reduce labour cost, wastage and misuse.
  • It can be used to follow your Taxation and regulation.
  • It highly enhances your business image.
  • Smart inventory makes your restaurant to prevent fraudulent, minimize stock wastage as well get alarmed when it needs to be reordered.
Restaurant Billing Software in Chennai
Online Restaurant Billing Software

Choosing a Best Restaurant Billing Software in Chennai

If we search for the right provider for this software on the internet it will direct you with plenty of options but choosing a right and appropriate one among them will be a strenuous task.

Why us?? - Rednote is one of the leading provider in chennai who gives you appropirate billing software for restaurants with top notch support for all their clients. They mainly provide offline GST compliance and they provide software for even startups to large types of restaurants. It is also cost effective while compared to other chennai providers.

Overall Billing software for your restaurant will be your biggest boon for your restaurant since it has all the features to undergo modernisation in a cost effective manner. It isn’t a child’s play to handle billing manually in any restaurant especially when we have multiple outlets. Rednote software provides cent percent error free business which is one of the primary reasons why many of the leading restaurant owners rely heavily on a restaurant billing software.


  Is Rednote top 10 Restaurant Billing Software's in India?
Yes, Rednote is one of the top 10 Restaurant Billing Software in Chennai, India.
  What are the prerequisites needed for Restaurant Billing Software?
Rednote requires windows server with minimal configuration. However, it can be installed in windows computer with LAN connection.
Restaurant Billing Software in Chennai

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